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Toward a Better Understanding of In-Vehicle Auditory Warnings and Background Noise Edin Šabić, Jing Chen, Justin A. MacDonald

Journal of Human Factors

I am very happy to announce that one of my submitted manuscripts to Human Factors has been accepted! Toward a Better Understanding of In-Vehicle Auditory Warnings and Background Noise will appear in a future issue of Human Factors and is available now online at journals.sagepub.com and the accepted manuscript can be viewed for free on my ResearchGate.

Adaptive Auditory Alerts for Smart In-Vehicle Interfaces Edin Šabić, Daniel Henning, Justin A. MacDonald

HFES 2019 Proceedings Paper

This paper was accepted for presentation in Seattle, WA for HFES 2019. Generally, the research is an attempt to dynamically adjust how loud an alert is given based on background noise intensity. The published version is available online at journals.sagepub.com, and can be viewed free on my ResearchGate.

Recognition of Car Warnings: An Analysis of Various Alert Types Edin Šabić, Scott Mishler, Jing Chen, Bin Hu

CHI 2019 Extended Abstract

This research includes a comparison of multiple auditory alert types for presenting car warnings, and was the initial experiment of my Master’s. The published version can be found at dl.acm.org, but the full version of the extended abstract can also be downloaded by clicking here: CHI.

Research In Progress

Examining the Role of Eye Movements During Conversational Listening in Noise Edin Šabić, Daniel Henning, Hunter Myuz, Audrey Morrow, Michael C. Hout, Justin A. MacDonald

In Review: Frontiers in Psychology

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