Current Project

interfaceI am currently designing a study which will assess different types of car interfaces. I can’t speak too much to the experiment, but the visual display will be complimented by an auditory display which alerts the driver of an incoming message, new play list, etc. Eventually, I will assess this interface while people are in a driving simulator. That is, they will have to be operating a virtual vehicle while interacting with this device. But, for now, let’s take it one step at a time 🙂 The code is written in MATLAB, using many of the auditory processing toolboxes.

Sample Papers

See 2017 HFES paper here: HFES2017

See 2017 Chi paper here: CHI

See 2016 HFES paper here: HFES2016

See my 2015, first abstract publication, here: CONPublication

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